20 February 2019

LMH Mixtape #84: Capcom

The boizz took us on another company tour for Episode 84, and what a tour it was.  We already knew Capcom as the home of Mega Man, but what about their other titles, like Section-Z?  Knights of the Round?  Capcom Quiz: Hatena? no Daibouken?  The Legacy Music Hour made sure they all got their time to shine on this setlist, right alongside the Blue Bomber himself.


Instant new favorite:  Mega Man 5 - Charge Man
Brewed new favorite:  Knights of the Round - Expedition

Track listing and original episode:


06 February 2019

Episode 209: Creed II

In Episode 209, the boizz talk a little bit about France. Mary Poppins, and Seinfeld’s possible copy of SimCity for the NES, but Brent really talks a lot about Creed II, that is, his own version of it.  The boizz also spent a lot of time understanding the Sonic influence in a 1989 PC Engine track (Sonic came out in 1991).  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Sagaia - Hisayoshi Ogura, Iku Mizutani (arr.) - War Oh! (Boss Scene 1) - Natsume/Taito - Sega Master System (Europe) - 1992

Side Pocket - Masaaki Iwasaki (Koremasa), Emi Shimizu - Chillin’ - Data East - Genesis - 1992

The Cyber Shinobi - Sherike Nuki, Sheriko Dama - Outside The Base - Sega - Sega Master System (Europe) - 1990

Magician Lord - Hiroaki Shimizu - Dale of Evil Gods (Stage 1) - ADK/SNK - Neo Geo - 1991

Terra Cresta II: Mandler no Gyakushuu - Akihiro Akamatu, Sachiko Oita - Formation Design/Game Start/Hyperspace (Player Start) - Nichibutsu - PC Engine - 1992

Rampart - unknown - Ending Theme - Tengen - Genesis - 1991

Hani in the Sky - Atsuko Iwanaga - For the Gloomy Gods - Sankindo/Face - PC Engine - 1989

Alien 3 - Matt Furniss - Stage Two - Probe Entertainment/Arena - Genesis - 1992

The Great Battle V - Kennosuke Suemura, Norihiko Togashi - Hotel Dada - Sun L/Banpresto - Super Famicom - 1995

Gley Lancer - Masanori Hikichi, Noriyuki Iwadare, Yoshiaki Kubotera, Isao Mizoguchi - Normal Ending - NCS - Mega Drive - 1992

SimCity - Soyo Oka - Megalopolis - Nintendo - NES - 1991 (unreleased)

30 January 2019

LMH Mixtape #83: Product Placement

We probably didn't notice it as much when we were kids, but there was a whole lot of product placement going on in our video games.  Whether it was comparatively subtle background nods to Pizza Hut or entire titles dedicated to playing as Ronald McDonald, encouragement to nag our parents for stuff we didn't need was everywhere... and yet there was also a lot of great music, too.  So, have it your way and munch on through these tracks all over again, but do bear in mind that the Legacy Music Hour is not responsible for any sudden cravings for Cheetos, Snickers, hamburgers, Chupa Chups, raisins, or Panasonic electronics.


Instant new favorite:  M.C. Kids - Level Music 2
Brewed new favorite:  The California Raisins: The Grape Escape - Maize Maze

Impossible not to dance to:  M.C. Kids - Level Music 2
Unexpected smoothness:  Biker Mice From Mars - Staff Roll

Track listing and original episode:


23 January 2019

LMH Mixtape #82: Puzzle Games 2

If you'd been Tetris ready for another LMH puzzle games focus ever since falling in love with the first one, sixty-five episodes later the boizz finally delivered the piece you needed!  Now along comes the mixtape version of that very same Puzzle Games 2, plummeting perfectly into your day for a guaranteed musical high score.


Instant new favorite:  Puyo Puyo Tsuu - Last Area
Other instant new favorite:  Columns III: Revenge of Columns - Industrial District

Somebody please expand these lyrics:  Catrap - Ending/Staff Roll*
This song HAS lyrics:  Wario's Woods - Go!**

*Freestyle begins at 00:42:58 in the original episode
**KeyGlyph's "Pretty Please (The Pleading Song)" karaoke can be found on the LMH Facebook page

Track listing and original episode:


16 January 2019

LMH Mixtape #81: Secret of Mana

After eighty-one episodes, Brent and Rob decided to do their first focus on one individual game's soundtrack: Secret of Mana.  Although opinions were mixed as to whether the game itself was one of the greatest titles of all time or just a super effective sedative, the boizz have absolutely no disagreements over the quality of the music.  Get right into the thick of it and take a journey through these selections from the dynamic fantasy soundscapes of Hiroki Kikuta.


Instant new favorite:  Secret of Mana - Into the Thick of It
Other instant new favorite:  Secret of Mana - Rose and Ghost

Brewed new favorite:  Secret of Mana - Star of Darkness
Other brewed new favorite:  Secret of Mana - One of Them is Hope

Track listing and original episode: