30 October 2013

Episode 157: Final Episode Podcast In Review

Brent and Rob say goodbye on this final, special episode of The Legacy Music Hour.  Much less focused on the music, the boyz recall fun and funny moments from the past, talk about the reasons why the podcast is ending, and are visited by several special guests!  Thank you to all the users for their support and donations over the last three years!  Thank you to all the amazing 8-bit and 16-bit era video game music composers featured on LMH!  And don't worry, it's not over, look for LMH related stuff in the future!  Partial track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Koji Kondo - Staff Roll - Nintendo - SNES - 1992

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  1. Thanks guys for all the great episodes. I have really enjoyed your entire run, and I hope that you guys can look at this podcast as a complete and total success. Thank you again for all the great times, great music, and great laughs, you will be missed in my weekly routine.

  2. Thanks for all the fun guys. I've loved every second of the show and it's actually been good to me in a lot of hard times and when I needed something to make me smile. It's given me a lot of knowledge and good memories and I really can't thank you enough for all you've done and given us. Hope to hear from you guys soon and good luck in future endeavors.

  3. Awesome ending to the best podcast. I am excited about the possibility of future episodes! Take as long a break as you need but I will keep subscribed and hope to see it pop up. Even once a month would be awesome!

    Will definitely check out each podcast too both sounded ace. Was wondering if anybpdy could recommend a good forum that isnt only technical and not too snarky, just a place to appreciate

    Hope you guys come back bit its been a great 3 years!

    1. Also, wanted to register definite interest in the mixtape versions of episodes!

    2. I just relistened to episode 101 where BW seems to endorse the idea of listeners helping to make the mixtape versions by cutting up podcast episodes. I wonder if he's still open to this sort of "user-support"?

  4. Absolutely loved the show. Listening to your episodes was not just great entertainment. It accompanied me during happy and sad times in the last two years. For me, it had a meditative and therapeutic quality. But I also loved the vgm dance mixae and listen to all 6 of them ever since they came out. The show had this perfect equilibrium of calm and laid back dialogue on the one hand and amped up powertracks on the other hand, almost like a musical counterpoint. I hope to hear from you guys again. The 158 eps. are going to stay on my listening devices forever. Best, Markus

  5. First off, congratulations on the great news Rob. I'm super happy for you. I have a friend who is going through losing his princess at the moment. I've pointed him to the sweet sweet music of the Double Dragon Therapists for comfort.

    Thank you guys so much for everything you two have done. Thanks for laying out just how difficult it was to produce each of the 157 episodes.
    Brent your dedication is inspirational in how much work you put into this show.
    It was a really bittersweet episode to listen to but so many laughs were had.

    The highlights were great. I will re-listen to all the episodes again to pick out my favorite moments, but I think you guys covered most of the truly best ones.

    I will hold onto the hope of some form of future episodes be it just a mix or just talking. I personally would love to hear updates on your lives periodically in a none creepy way.

    I really hope to meet the Double Dragon Twins one day.
    I wish you guys the best of luck.

  6. What a show, and what a way to end it. I loved the memories and the great times, but also hearing about what goes into making the podcast. I will miss the show dearly, and look forward to even infrequent updates! Thank YOU for listening!

  7. God. I never thought I would get so emotionally attached to a damned Podcast. That's ridiculous. I feel like people would consider me a crazy man for saying I was crushed my favorite podcast ended, or i even got a little choked at the ending credits. But somehow you guys did it. See you, Retro Cowboys.

  8. Wow. That closing track. Must be some sort of dust particle in my eye. Double Dragon boys don't cry. Or do they?

    I'm glad you two went through the pre and post-peration process. I knew the both of you were dedicated but that just lays it out. You both have a passion to be the best and deliver only the best to the users and your fans. That's pretty inspirational.

    I want to thank all of the guests over the past 3 years; each one brought something special to their respective episodes. Thank you!

    Thanks to all of the composers that participated in interviews and all of the composers that answered questions.

    Much like Ghosts and Goblins, this isn't the true ending. You need to start again from the beginning with episode 1 and work all the way back to the final level again. The end?

  9. It is all over. Thanks for the show guys.

    My fave part of the series is episode 1 when Rob is talking about talking about the RPG song being a sad elephant. His reaction to it was classic.

    1. I know! That part stuck with me too. Like how Brent tried to build up the track as basically being the greatest ever.

    2. One of the funniest moments was the NBA Title Screen music (Episode 14 - Sports). It was that John Tesh sounding TV basketball theme. Brent started singing along with "I've got the fire"and "I'm gonna fight" type lyrics. Rob joined in and suggested a great scenario for the track. The funniest part was when Rob mentioned the similarity of Brent's voice to Michael Jackson. That following few seconds was the greatest MJ impression of all time.

    3. Ah, that's a good one! Forgot about that!

  10. I found your podcast exactly one year ago, just before hurricane Sandy tore up the NYC area. We were without power for about a week, and I would charge my laptop during the day at a cafe and come home and play LMH in the dark for entertainment. It was awesome to be able to have that when nothing else worked!

    Over the past year I downloaded every episode and almost caught up (just have 81 - 100 left). Like many of your users and I guess you, too, I've always loved this music but had no idea just how much is out there, and so much undiscovered gold.

    This podcast was incredible and I will continue to listen to it for many years to come. Thank you for that!

    If you put together a CD set I will definitely buy it -- as long as it comes with a booklet that looks like an old NES manual.

  11. This definitely hit me like a ton of bricks. This has been one of the big highlights of my week for the better part of three years now, so it will take some time to process this. I have listened to every episode (some more than once) and I have to say that you guys did an excellent job week after week. Perfect ending track too (the word "perfect" spoken in the street fighter 2 announcer voice, of course). Thank you for all of your hard work making this show great. Take care, guys!

  12. Thank you guys for all the episodes and all the hard work. I didn't realize the amount of work that went into the post production process. It does put it into perspective after hearing about that.

    I just finished the last episode, and I didn't want it to end, but I thought it was a very fitting end to the podcast.

    I remember the first time I heard the "Skitchen" part and just about died laughing. I was dying from laughing fits in the office... I got a few looks, but it was worth it.

    One of my other favorite memory is from episode 7 (first elevator episode) and the calling the doctor's office bit. I still go back and listen to it sometimes for a good laugh.

    I'll miss the weekly download and maybe hear from you again in the future. I'll be saving all of the past episodes and going back and listening to them again. Thanks again Brent and Rob for all of your work. Take care and good luck in everything.


  13. Thank you guys so much for sharing your passion which has now sparked MY passion for video game music! Great job, good luck, and I hope that you find a way to resume some later time down the road!

  14. Okay, I just saw the title of this episode and my heart sunk. I listened to the first few minutes to make sure it wasn't a joke....Legacy Music Hour has been my most favoritest podcast since I first heard it six months ago. Even though I still have about 80 episodes yet to experience, I have learned so much about game music, the composers who make it, the systems that play it, musical composition and more. Brent, you have helped me to appreciate the value of a strong melody, and Rob, you have inspired me to be buff, and to find my b-spot. My favorite episode is probably the Composer Focus on Matt Furniss, or maybe the Sunsoft episode, or maybe the Kinuyo Yamashita episode, or maybe the Beyond 16-bit 2. I don't know, there are too many great episodes, and I'm barely half way through them all!
    As for funny moments, there have been a ton; my very favorite is the Disney episode where Brent unsuccessfully tried to convince Rob it would be funny to go to Vegas to watch the Chippendales strip. Classic! Beyond that, every time Brent says something that makes Rob laugh, and especially the handful of times that Rob makes Brent laugh. It's enough to brighten my day.
    Anyhow, Thanks again Rob and Brent. Brent, I'd buy you a boner anytime. Now it's time to listen to that last episode........

    Nathan Daniels
    Portland, OR

    1. The Chippendales bit and Brent's adventures at the Turkish Spa are instant classics!

  15. Thank you so much guys. You will be sorely missed.
    P.S. What am I supposed to do without Dragons & Bass?

  16. Besides all the favorite moments you guys mentioned, let me add that mine was Brent saying "Flintstones!" in a ridiculous Rastafarian accent (he was playing off of Rastan Saga and the next track happened to be from a Flintstones game). For some reason, this was hilarious to me.

    Wow, I never knew the Herculean efforts the Double-Dragon Boys were putting into each and every episode. I've listened to all 157 episodes and want to thanks you for 3 years of great music and comedy.

    The Legacy lives on...

  17. Based on what you guys shared, you're definitely in need of a break. But I hope to see more LMH in the future. One show a month is better than nothing.

    I love the chemistry between Brent and Rob, I really wish you guys would work on something else in the future as well.

  18. First of all I'd like to congratulate Rob for the new situation, which I hope turns out well. Next I'd like to thank both Brent and Rob for all the efforts they have put into making the podcast possible for so many years.

    I got hooked to the podcast as soon as I listened to it for the first time and I thought “wow, they are actually talking seriously about the music they play instead of just playing it. Now that's interesting!”.

    As a user I have enjoyed every show I have had the chance to listen until now (and fortunately I still have many yet to enjoy). I thought I knew a lot about videogame music, then I still discovered many new gems in each episode, thanks to the great research work of the Double Dragon Twins. For what it's worth, this is the only podcast I have ever listened to regularly.

    As a composer, it's been a great privilege to have had my work played every now and then in my favorite show, and the interview, and the focus episode... It can't get any better to me!

    I wish you both the best of lucks for your new projects. Hugs from Barcelona.

    1. The one and only Alberto González, very very well-put. It's the only podcast I ever listen to regularly as well! I am very impressed and surprised that Brent and Rob introduced a VGM composer to new great tracks! Just your comment alone confirm that LMH is such a valuable resource for VGM lovers and even people who play these classic games. I enjoyed reading your comment. Thank you!

  19. Say it ain't so ! ! !

    This is the ONLY video game music podcast. The realest

  20. Thanks, guys, for opening this world to me.

    I'm sad to see this era of LMH come to a close, but you have made it clear it is necessary.

    Brent: I hope you enjoy the relief of working on this podcast. I could tell from the first time I heard you on the Nerdist podcast that you have relentless focus, and while I have enjoyed its result, I assume you become slave to it, and I am glad for your freedom.

    Rob: I appreciate your love of the harder, heavier tracks. Likewise, the weight of your recent personal struggle has made each minute of the podcast more valuable. Hopefully you have found some relief in the music. I was thankful to hear you tell the users about the reconciliation work that is underway, and I wish your family love and longevity.

    Thanks again, guys!

  21. Listening to you guys talk about the production process made me think of some things that might simplify/help you should you ever decide to get behind the mics together again. Since it's often easier to see things from the outside, please don't immediately reject my unsolicited ideas. I only mean to help!

    If you have iPod touch or iPhone, ConsoleMusic from Joseph Pinkasfeld is a decent player. It's a couple of bucks to play all the file types, but it's great for on-the-go listening so you're not tethered to a laptop. You can search and download games within the player and create playlists. It's pretty nifty. There may be other players available, but this is the one I'm most familiar with, and I think it's the only one that lets you download the tracks rather than just playing them from online.

    Production: if you are continuing with Nerdist, or if you value the time you could save enough to spend some cash, I would suggest getting a multi-input mixer with a USB output and recording into a program like Reaper or Audacity on a computer. That way, you could put each mic on its own track and the music player on a separate track so you can edit levels and compression and whatnot with greater precision and ease. You may have to have a computer just to record and play your tracks from others (or an iDevice per above), but it would really save you some trouble. You could also make sure all the tracks are available on one computer. I don't know the extent to which this might mess your flow up, but it seems the best way to do a podcast in my mind.

    You may consider having an intern/engineer sit in to take notes on the songs/games/composers and highlights of the banter so you can use it for editing later. The intern/engineer could log the time in the recording of the edit points, mistakes, good stuff, etc. to help minimize the time spent editing. This would not take the work out of your hands; it would just organize the work first.

    Finally, you might consider doing several episodes per session and posting them on a regular basis rather than redoing everything each week.

    Again, just some thoughts because I'd love to see you continue in this after some much-needed and hard-earned rest. Thanks for the greatness!

    1. How about using Soundflower? Have the player and recorder on one computer.

  22. Thank you for enlightining me on you're stand up comedy Brent! Been listining for a year and a half now and never reliased. The videos on youtube of you on TV are hilarious!

  23. Rob, I can't believe Mama's Family the Video Game : Vint's Big Adventure's soundtrack was not in your desert island list!

  24. Ahh... Finally at a computer where I can finally type out my thoughts! Meant to reply sooner, but was busy in Tokyo!

    Brent... Rob... The Chiki Chiki Double Dragon Boys! I need to thank you endlessly for the hard work that you have put into making this podcast week after week for three whole years! And congratulations too!

    Thank you also for the shout-out to my video!!! I hope you both enjoyed it and also to the fellow LMH users, I hope you enjoyed it as well!

    Before I listened to LMH, I was (and still am) a huge fan of comedy! I am a very big Tim & Eric fan and so when I saw Brent in Pound House I was so excited! It was almost like my two favorite worlds came together! For LMH users, search Pound House on Youtube! I also decided to look up Rob F.'s stand-up and it's very funny as well! My favorite bit is when Rob encounters a homeless man with the sign. If I'm ever in California, I'll get a haircut and shave from you, Rob!

    Like many of the comments above, this episode was bittersweet. The sweetness came in the form of rounding up some of the best moments in the podcast and the special guests that came in to voice their opinions and thoughts. One of my favorite moments that got me laughing really hard was Brent and Rob's wrestling conversation, the military drill sergeant impersonations, and the farts! I also gotta give big props to the VGM karaoke part in the last recorded live episode to Gimmick! - Good Morning track! I played it at least 5 times! Such great lyrics!

    It didn't take long for the sadness to build up when the closing track played... But it also didn't take long to just smile and know I have the opportunity to listen to this great gem of a podcast. A diamond in the rough.

    ... The End?

    1. Brent also co-wrote and co-directed Pound House. Here's a playlist of all the episodes, including the unofficial pilot:


  25. Hi, Loved the show! It was one of the few things keeping me sane in amidst the tedium. An avid listener. My favorite episode was the one about Junko Tamiya, I never knew who she was but loved her work on Strider and Ghouls n' Ghosts. There will probably never be another podcast about nerdy game stuff as witty and in depth as this.

    1. Junko is the best. She didn't do Ghouls N Ghosts though. That was Tamayo Kawamoto.

    2. I'd guess that Mega-dan is thinking of Mari Yamaguchi, since you guys did a composer focus on her a few episodes after Junko Tamiya, and she composed Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts.

    3. Yeah, I got it mixed up, but thanks for reading the comment.

  26. A podcast is different. A podcast is more than something that you listen to or watch, it's something you take with you. It keeps you company as you do the dishes, drive around the city, or go for a jog. So when I think about the Legacy Music Hour, images of my life come to mind. Images of Downtown LA at dusk, Echo Park lake in the morning, or the apartment I have lived in for the past three years. I think about the things that I have accomplished while listening to LMH (getting my MA, getting a job, making it through traffic, the dishes, etc.) and I feel like we accomplished them together.

    But the reason this podcast ending is so emotional is not just that it will no longer exist as a Wednesday routine, it has given cause to reflect on how lovingly crafted LMH is. Thanks to the generosity of hosts we were given a podcast that is as focused as it is laid back. As professional as it is niche.

    And the music...

    So of course I got a little weepy! There's every reason to feel all the feels.
    fav memories w/ the podcast:

    That time when Brent thought Rob was crying over how beautiful it was that Brent met Brittney Murphy while delivering pizza (but Rob was just yawning).

    That time when they read my text message about crying over Japanese women composers in the 80s (although, I guess they didn't realize I was referencing that earlier podcast, which makes sense since I was listening to a year-old podcast at that point)

    Episode 64: Ninja-Kun commentary. The Chiki Chiki Boiz paint a vivid word picture of a ninja's graduation ceremony.

    Episode 133: Brent's declaration: "I love."

    Wrestling Episode: The part they left off the last episode is great: "Is the undertaker gonna come take my underwear off?"

    Episode 142 + the whole Rob F. saga. It was heartwarming to hear the way you dealt with the situation as a pair.

    Episode 155: "B.B.B."

    My wife sang me "Good Morning" when I told her that the podcast was ending. She doesn't care about a lot of the stuff I like, for the most part that includes this podcast, but she did know how important it was to me.

    Where did rated R for Robocop come from? That's hilarious.

    Of course my favorite moment on the podcast is when I got to sing on the live taping. The whole experience was crazy for me. I am glad I got to high five those guys after the taping, and it was great getting positive feedback from the LMH community (thanks Griffin!). I still listen to that moment on the podcast and somehow feel like I was able to express some part of who I am, and my love of this show and the music in some important (to me) way. Brent thought that it might have been easier for me to sing before the smaller crowd of the podcast taping, then at a large event but, heck no. I have no problem singing for a bunch of strangers, but performing in a small room with two of my absolute heroes was crazy. Not that I wouldn't do it again, but it was .... . whatever, I don't know what it was.

    Anyways, in conclusion. I am sort of glad this podcast is over (for now). I'm glad Brent and Rob get a break. And I gotta keep listening to those old episodes. There is so much good music that I haven't really listened to enough and some episodes I haven't even heard yet. While I'd love more podcasts from them, they gave me a lot of homework and I gotta do my part.

    I totally want episode-specific mixes for running, and also as promo tools for the show. Maybe I can help with that? Anyways, thanks for reading. I have enjoyed reading all of the posts from the other readers as well as it has helped me to cope with this loss situation.

    S in SG

  27. OH i forgot one cool moment. (Sorry to be so long-winded). One time I was watching the Moshe Kashir stand-up special on Netflix, and Brent Weinbach just pops out of nowhere and starts doing this bit. I was real into LMH at this point, and it was real cool.

  28. Second post: I love the idea of having mix tapes based on episode play lists! I have been wishing you guys would do this for a year now.

    I agree, my favorite moment was the "Bloody Wolf" ending credits song when you guys went off about the president needing to be rescued and Bloody Wolf just going off to party. That was endlessly hilarious.

  29. Great job guys! My friends got me into this podcast around episode #70. You did a good thing...it's both entertaining and informative.

    I'd love to hear Spencer Owen's video game covers. You mentioned you might post videos?

  30. A thousand thanks for all of the hard work you two have done. I'm eternally in your debt.

    To pass the time untill you two decide to start back up again, I've spaced out all 157 episodes in my podcast calendar so I'll listen to the entire LMH cannon between Jan 01 and Dec 31 next year. Should keep me going for a while.

    Thanks a lot you two. Find the joy again, Come back strong. I know that I've never actually met you two, but I think of you two as brothers. If fate ever finds you in Minnesota, look me up.


  31. I wanted to thank you for the kinship you've shared with with your listeners. Like Brent, I recorded video game music to cassettes in childhood (and beyond). I lied to my gradeschool peers when they asked what I was listening to on my Walkman for fear that the truth was too weird; among my closest friends I hoped to find someone with the same passion and was constantly searching for a partner in a rudimentary Mame That Chune humming game I was forever desperate to play. I never quite found such comrades... but then I discovered your podcast.

    I cannot tell you how great it feels to hear other people play these tracks and exclaim, "This is just SO GOOD," "What a JAM," or, breathlessly, "This is my favorite part!! Right here!!" I've developed such a bond with the Double Dragon Brothers by sharing in these moments of yours. When you did your first Mame That Chune humming challenge on the air, I realized that you two were exactly the companions I'd been looking for all those years ago.

    I've been slowly making my way through the podcast back issues for a while now, anticipating the day I'd finally catch up to your most current installment and be on the cutting edge of LMH. Somehow, despite all of the time and effort this has demanded of you both, I'd always imagined the show would be active when that day eventually arrives. Alas, it seems it is not to be. I hope you two enjoy a long and relaxing break from the grind, and that you never forget how much love and appreciation your dedicated users have for what you've done here. And I will hold out the hope that by the time I reach episode 157 in chronological order, perhaps a year or so from now, you'll have decided to be active again. :)

    I vote yes to sporadic episode postings, yes to mix tapes, and yes to any other LMH antics you dream up. I vote yes to outsourcing some help if it means keeping the podcast running, even if some imperfections sneak in as a consequence. And if you're ever in a situation where an east coast taping/VGM karaoke/dance party seems feasible, PLEASE DO IT! You know a bunch of us would be there in a split second.

    Good luck with everything, Mr. Switch, rest up Brent, and thanks again. I think you achieved the Good Ending, don't you?

    -- Emily

    1. That follow-up comment made me laugh. Thanks for the replies, guys!

      As a random side note, much like Samus, I too was once assumed male only to shock my audience at a definitive moment in the mid-1980s. I didn't win a space war, though. I just got born.

  32. One of my fav moments was in ep 55: Fire and lava. Theres a section in that episode where brent is doing a little VG karaoke singing about getting married and buying too many dresses hahahahaha thanks guys x

  33. iTunes links for episodes 156 and 157 are broken. "There was a problem downloading "Episode 157: Final Episode Podcast In Review". An unknown error occurred (0x80090331). Please check that the URL is correct"

  34. Farewell Double Dragon Boyyyzzz! Thanks for all the great episodes of LMH.

  35. VERY sad to see my favourite podcast come to an end. Hope you do decide to record the odd bonus episode every now and then, if you have time! Thanks for all your hard work over the years. You exposed us to a lot of amazing music, in a very entertaining way.

  36. iTunes has been unable to download episodes 153, 156 and 157 for several weeks now. Seems like a problem on your end...

    1. A while ago, when we first heard there were problems, we re-uploaded 153 and 157 , and also re-uploaded 156 twice (tried 3 different uploads of it), but it seems like that didn't fix the problem. This problem usual only effects PC users. We didn't do anything different with the upload process than we normally do, or do anything different with the file type. We just have no idea why that's happening.

  37. Family Jules here! We just finished our first episode of our podcast last night! Please download and let us know your thoughts at www.facebook.com/theretrorelapsepodcast! http://theretrorelapsepodcast.podomatic.com

  38. Episode 2 of The Retro Relapse Podcast is now up! Check it out! Oh and btw, we are now on itunes!!! http://theretrorelapsepodcast.podomatic.com/entry/2013-12-29T23_06_35-08_00

  39. Oh why did you decided to stop the podcast? Sad. Maybe you'll restart things in a couple of years. I certainly hope so.

  40. Hey guys- even though the podcast ended months ago, I'm a new "user"!

    I discovered the podcast in late September after hearing Brent on VGMpire. I started listening from episode one, and it took 4 months, but I listened to every single podcast!

    I love video game music, and I always thought I knew all the best tracks. Brent and Rob found tracks that even the most serious game music fan has never heard before, and they brought those tracks to a larger audience. Thanks to the podcast, I myself found 70 or 80 tracks that I love and play regularly.

    On a personal level, the podcast gave me some much needed company as I was moving to a new city where I didn't know anyone. I listened at the gym, on the walk to work, on the subway, pretty much everywhere. It's going to be tough to not have the podcast to keep me company anymore!

    Thanks Brent and Rob- not just for your love for video game music, but for your humor and for your hard work. I know it must not have been easy to make this all happen for three years.

    Just wanted to let you know that even though the podcast is over, more people are discovering and appreciating your work!

    Michael in New York City

  41. You guys were great, thanks for the good memories. I got into this podcast when you did "covers." You picked a song from our band, and I remember my friend calling me, "dude, we're on this podcast, they're talking about us!" lolz, it was great, was hooked ever since.


  42. http://savethelegacymusichour.blogspot.com

  43. In the absence of the LMH, a friend and I over at Rainwave have started a video game music podcast called the Super Rainwave Podcast. We've recorded 4 episodes so far. We don't have a website yet, but you can download and comment over at http://rainwave.cc/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3509